Those of us who have well paid day jobs but yearn for the freedom of staying at home and pursuing interests and hobbies have a serious dilemma to face!

Of course, you want to have the security of a regular salary, but when you know there is the possibility of establishing a passive income that allows you to have most of your time to yourself, then you have to evaluate your priorities.

Establishing an online marketing downline takes time and even though you have spent all day at the office you have to dedicate a set number of hours to acknowledge, relate and encourage your followers.  They are the source of your future financial and personal freedom.  They demand your attention, and so they should!

If you can, get a good marketing coach who can help you organise your time effectively.  Even if you have to outlay funds to start with, it will be worth it in the long run because it will help you build your business and allow you to cut the ties that bind you to that dreaded “day job” sooner rather than later.

Here’s to success and all it can bring us.  🙂

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