How do you keep up?

Wow!  Try following all the techie stuff posted on blogs and websites each day and see if you can keep up!!  lol

I like, and subscribe to, many blogs and websites and the amount of information posted each day can be so extreme that it can be smothering.  What to watch, follow, know or need?  There are still only 24 hours in each day so you need to be smart and decide what you can effectively view and absorb with so much served up to you digitally each day.

Watch the various blogs and websites that offer the sort of information you are seeking for a few days to a week.  Some will give good, helpful content with most posts.  Others will just re-hash or re-post information from a heap of other sites.

Get rid of the re-hashers and follow those who are really dedicated to sharing quality content.  Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to educate yourself via these worthwhile sites and you will expand your knowledge and see just how these clever people are able to get their message across.

Dump the exclusively re-posters/re-hashers and you will save yourself hours each day.

Of course, if you have quality content to post, put it on your blog or website and share it with the other clever people who want to advance their knowledge and expand their online empires.  Who knows, one day one of those people might credit you with helping them to get to the pinnacle of their careers!  🙂

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