Musings re Twitter…

Get yourself on Twitter they said.  Twitter will get you many followers and give you a good overall knowledge of your marketing business they said.

Well, yes, followers are amazingly easy to get on Twitter if you, yourself, start following some of the power tweeters. Now, when I say “power tweeters” I’m talking about those who tweet something new every few minutes throughout the day and night.  I’ll check my account, leave it for a couple of hours and come back to 150+ new tweets, the majority by a handful of users.  They totally drown out the individuals who tweet once, twice, several times a day, and these people generally have really worthwhile info to share.

I have actually connected with some really helpful and knowledgeable people and have been amazed at their generosity. My quandary now is do I get rid of the power tweeters so I don’t miss the individual, useful tweets, or do I persevere and build my list of followers??

I would love to hear the experiences of others and how they deal with this!  🙂

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