Mental Toughness

I found this very interesting article on that is well worth reading.  Enjoy.  🙂

Written by  – Author of MIND MATTERS & the EIQ-2 Systems

Mental toughness is the warrior code that refuses surrender. It has four salient characteristics:

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4 key Facebook trends e-commerce advertisers need to know in 2016 — Online Digital Marketing Strategies

With an increasingly robust international user base, and more direct response-type ad products available than at any point in its history, Facebook has increasingly become a go-to channel for advertisers directly selling physical products. Fashion retailers, flash-sale sites and subscription services all have significant presences on the site. In this environment, marketers not only have […]

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7 Ways to Attract Millions of People to Your Brand

From by DANIEL ALLY – CONTRIBUTOR.  Self-Made Millionaire & Business Expert

Would you like to build a brand that reaches millions of people?

Whether your brand is about you, your company, or both, you can draw the attention of millions of people. Depending on how you’ve positioned your brand, you can have a deep impact on society, help a ton of people and earn a fortune.

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Ecommerce trends to watch 2016 [Infographic]

These trends will shape the ecommerce industry this year

From By Robert Allen

As someone who sells Aliexpress stores, I found this article to be very interesting but also rather overwhelming with the amount of content!  Technology is moving so fast and with many of us seeming to live our lives online, you really need to try and keep up with the current trends. Robert Allen has packed so much into this one article that I will need to keep revisiting it to be able to take it all in!

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Musings re Twitter…

Get yourself on Twitter they said.  Twitter will get you many followers and give you a good overall knowledge of your marketing business they said.

Well, yes, followers are amazingly easy to get on Twitter if you, yourself, start following some of the power tweeters. Now, when I say “power tweeters” I’m talking about those who tweet something new every few minutes throughout the day and night.  I’ll check my account, leave it for a couple of hours and come back to 150+ new tweets, the majority by a handful of users.  They totally drown out the individuals who tweet once, twice, several times a day, and these people generally have really worthwhile info to share.

I have actually connected with some really helpful and knowledgeable people and have been amazed at their generosity. My quandary now is do I get rid of the power tweeters so I don’t miss the individual, useful tweets, or do I persevere and build my list of followers??

I would love to hear the experiences of others and how they deal with this!  🙂

Time Zones & Online Marketing

Hands up those who find that dealing with time zones from one side of the world to the other can be SO frustrating!  Online marketing and selling obviously goes on 24 hours per day but unless you have a staff who can man phones and computers for that period, then there can be a significant delay in getting back to potential buyers.

You would hope that such buyers would realise that you aren’t ignoring them and will get back to them as soon as possible, but I would hate to think that sales are lost due to people wanting an immediate response.

Not much more to add, but just needed to get that off my chest!  Rant over… lol

What Do Your Clients Need?

This is an interesting read from

“Every person who has ever started a business, I imagine, thought he had a good idea. It’s the smart person, and the rare person, who tries to find out the most important thing: do other people think it’s a good idea?”

Those words of wisdom come from Bernard Kamoroff, author of “Small-Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Small Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes and Stay Out of Trouble!” Whether you look at your ideas about what your business provides, or about how to market your business, Kamoroff is right.

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Rites of passage for an internet marketer

The first of January this year (yes, actually on that day) saw me get my first sales after implementing a new internet marketing plan.  The excitement was almost too much to bear, after trying so many different models and plans.  What a great start to the new year!

That would be a major rite of passage for anyone in this business, but today I endured another, much less pleasant one.

Yes, I received my first F*CK OFF SENDING ME EMAILS OR I’LL CALL THE POLICE! email.  I did chuckle at the threat of getting police involved (yeah, right… lol) but I also had to shake my head because all my marketing emails have a very prominent “Unsubscribe” button at the end.

Surely that would have been an easier and less offensive method of removing oneself from a mailing list??

Oh well, everyone’s different I suppose, and I did reach another internet marketing milestone in my ongoing quest for replacing my day job with an online career so I have to mark this day as being another accomplishment!  🙂

How do you keep up?

Wow!  Try following all the techie stuff posted on blogs and websites each day and see if you can keep up!!  lol

I like, and subscribe to, many blogs and websites and the amount of information posted each day can be so extreme that it can be smothering.  What to watch, follow, know or need?  There are still only 24 hours in each day so you need to be smart and decide what you can effectively view and absorb with so much served up to you digitally each day.

Watch the various blogs and websites that offer the sort of information you are seeking for a few days to a week.  Some will give good, helpful content with most posts.  Others will just re-hash or re-post information from a heap of other sites.

Get rid of the re-hashers and follow those who are really dedicated to sharing quality content.  Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to educate yourself via these worthwhile sites and you will expand your knowledge and see just how these clever people are able to get their message across.

Dump the exclusively re-posters/re-hashers and you will save yourself hours each day.

Of course, if you have quality content to post, put it on your blog or website and share it with the other clever people who want to advance their knowledge and expand their online empires.  Who knows, one day one of those people might credit you with helping them to get to the pinnacle of their careers!  🙂